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Cement insulation

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PostWysłany: 08.09.2020 02:01:56    Temat postu: Cement insulation Odpowiedz z cytatem

Cement insulation
One of the most important basics of finishes and cement insulation is one of the most important and latest types of insulation to completely get rid of water leakage problems in buildings, so that EGIC provides you with the latest insulation materials, which is German cement Smart Home waterproof and one of the most important features:

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A paint of two components: cement-based liquid powder modified with polymers to completely prevent water leakage
- Suitable for bathroom and kitchen floor insulation works prior to tile or ceramic gluing
It has high flexibility and adheres strongly to concrete surfaces to seal its pores
One bag is enough for 10 square meters
The weight of the powder is 15 kg, and the weight of the liquid is 5 kg

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How to use:
Put 90% of the liquid compound in a mixing bowl
The powder must be added to the liquid, not the other way around, and mix well and slowly and leave for two minutes
Mix again with adding the remaining 10% of the liquid compound
Concrete surfaces are well cleaned and moistened with water
Fill any holes or gaps on the surface with repair mortar
I start by painting the mixture in the corners, connections, and joints between the floor and the wall

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Paint the first panel in one direction on the horizontal or vertical surfaces, using a brush or roller
Leave the first side to dry, then paint the second side as before, but in the vertical direction
In hot climates, take into account to cover the surface until it is completely dry (the appropriate time for drying of one layer of paint is 7 to 8 hours).
Clean and wash the tools with water
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