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The importance of isolating concrete bases

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PostWysłany: 25.08.2020 05:13:15    Temat postu: The importance of isolating concrete bases Odpowiedz z cytatem

1. Preserving the iron used in the building's foundations from rust and corrosion
2. Preventing the occurrence of moisture in the house, which is caused by water vapor, this humidity you notice on the walls of the ground floor, which are coming from the groundwater from the ground, rain water or wastewater.

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Isolation of armed bases, hands, necks and the story of backfilling
1. Clean the surfaces that will be isolated from the dust and from anything, and these surfaces must be flat
2. The first side of the hot bitumen is painted (because it is the best) and then left to dry for a day in summer and a day and a half winter.
3. You must make sure that all the rules are completely painted and that anything that has not been called so-called “thieves” is left untouched.
4. The second side is painted against the direction of the first face
5. After the second face dries up, the backfill is done, but the backfill should be clean and free from breaking stones and waste

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Because bitumen is one of the best waterproofing materials, dear reader must show you some types of bitumen that are frequently used in construction sites:

a. Bitumen Ali Al-Bared
B. Hot bitumen
C. The two perpetrators

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a. Bitumen on the cold (usually ordinary bitumen)
B. Hot bitumen (often composed of a normal bitumen ratio and an oxidized bitumen ratio)
This type of bitumen is oxidized from it and is in a dessert and the regular bitumen is in barrels and mixed with a ratio of 2 normal: 1 oxidized, and for the science, the oxidized bitumen is coherent on the concrete surface and gives a strong insulation layer against the water and is fossil and difficult to separate from the concrete surface and not just a layer of black color as the type the previous.

And because the oxidized bitumen is expensive, some unscrupulous contractors cheat, and to make sure that the barrel has a layer of oxidizer and not just a face, we must insert an iron skewer into the barrel and knock on it with the hammer because the bitumen in the barrel will be petrified, if the iron skewer easily entered for a distance of only 5 cm This means that there is a theft and fraud, but if the trafficked layer extends further than that, then this means that the barrel has a bitumen oxidized and that things are good and there is no theft.

Hot bitumen is often used to isolate reinforced bases covered in backfill as well as backfill story buildings inside and out.

What is the meaning of backfilling?
Buildings from the level of the foundation until the level of the ground floor in the buildings that do not have a basement and are built with a brick thickness of 25 cm and the filling inside them with the entire flat building up to a level less than the floor of the floor by 20 cm is 10 for the installation of tiles, 10 cm for pouring the ground floor under the tiles. .
Cold bitumen comes in drums and is used after cleaning the surface to give an initial layer to fill voids, cracks and pores. Cold bitumen is also used to help the membrane "insulation coils" to adhere well to the concrete surface.

This type of bitumen does not bond easily to the concrete surface.
And when a regular bitumen is used to give a layer of paint that helps stick the membrane, it is called a primer layer before isolation.

C. The Coil "Scrolls"
This type of bitumen is in the form of coils, the length of the roll of which is 10 meters and a width of 1 meter, and it unites flat around 8.5 to 9 meters from the concrete surface.
To use the two membranes (bituminous coils) to isolate the surfaces, they must be 4 mm thick and be made on a single layer or isolate the baths with a thickness of 3 mm and are often two layers, and the two membranes (bituminous coils) are spread with an agreed ride, usually 10 cm.
The welds are welded after being unrolled using "Bashbouri", because Bashbouri is a device that is connected to gas pipelines and produces a flame and is used to weld the bituminous wires by ironing them.
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