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LED Backlight Module

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Dołączył: 30 Lip 2020
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PostWysłany: 02.03.2021 13:30:08    Temat postu: LED Backlight Module Odpowiedz z cytatem

1. DC12V 3dot 2835 zoom lens module, ABS plastic protect IP68 waterproof, 30piece cooper cable connection, strong Conductivity, 2. light beam angle 170Degree, 9v 2835 substantial brightness leds used, 160 Lumen brightness. 3. cool white and various colors, 78mm*12mm*4mm size, ideal for big light box. FOUR. 3M back tape sticker, 1. 5watt power. 3dot 2835 Seriously Bright Lens Led Module Used for Lighting Decoration feature: 1)select plus use TOP quanlity 2835led computer chip source, without spot, low light decay, good consistency for backlight module 2)Products having low power consumption, large brightness, long life, excessive power 1. 5w, maintenance-free 3)The shell consists of injection molding technology, beautiful appearance, good cooling impact 4)IP68 waterproof rating up above, this is edge specification. 5)Low voltage feedback, safe and reliable(DC12V) 6)Cold white/red/blue/green/yellow sole color 7)Module 20 units like a string, LED string and hybrid circuit with a single module can possibly be cuted Which led chips are used in this type module? SOME SORT OF: 60Lumen 0. 5W SMD 2835 used due to this type Q: What length in the cable for this form module? A: normally 14cm time-span between two modules, but we can make any length when clients request. Q: The amount of quantities module in a single string? A: 20Pcs & FIFTY pcs in normally. could also make the quantity as clients request, but greatest quantity is 50 pcs. Q: How long am i allowed to get the sample? A: need 3-5days to send sample. Q: Do you will have MOQ limit for arrangement? A: Not limit this MOQ. just depend about clients demand. In order to meet customer's request, we help small quantity sample. definitely not limit MOQ, and custome your current product special requirements. We have long time for top quality warranty. And aftersale company. If you have not really used the LED module, then you have missed some good things. Initially, it was made for signs and channel letters, but today they are widely used in many other inside and outdoor lighting purposes. LED modules are convenient, because each module is definitely connected by leads, so it is extremely easy to cut and connect in almost any project. How to use LED backlight module? This passage will talk about the next questions of using BROUGHT backlight module: (1)What is usually LED backlight mold? (2)The intent behind the LED backlight module (3)Various LED backlight modules (1)What will be LED backlight mold? Briefly introduce the LED module in addition to its use. LED can handle an exceptionally simple phenomenon by applying a voltage with a semiconductor material to bring about electrons to escape from the material. In return, light energy is emitted in the form of particles called photons. LED is a method of converting electro-mechanical energy into light. Consequently, from the start belonging to the LED lighting process, the module can be a device containing multiple DIRECTED bulbs, which are powering a luminaire through a juice supply, which powers the many bulbs. The diode on the module is a charged semiconductor material-based within the material used-it has the potential to emit a considerable amount of colors. Most LED modules are usually mainly called RGB LED modules simply because they can emit different colors. Therefore, they are generally used for advertising requirements.

LED Backlight Module

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