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The reason for the emergence of the problem of water leaks

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PostWysany: 02.04.2021 14:08:39    Temat postu: The reason for the emergence of the problem of water leaks Odpowiedz z cytatem

The reason for the emergence of the problem of water leaks
After we learned about the damages of water leaks, we can enumerate the main causes leading to this problem, and we find that the presence of holes in the water delivery pipes is the most important factor, whether due to severe knocking on the walls or due to the corrosion of the iron material from which the pipes are made, as the weather factors affect that layer and cause The emergence of holes in various places in the pipes, which leads to the emergence of the leakage problem from various sides, so that it is difficult to determine with precision. كشف تسربات المياة شمال الرياض

And not only that, but when using poorly made water delivery pipes and not resorting to plumbing specialists to maintain or treat water leaks that initially appear, such as a leak behind the toilet, a leak from the tank pipe, or a leak from the basin faucets, which doubles the size of the problem. The person treated it by methods and thinks that by that it has stopped leaking, but on the contrary it has increased, to be surprised in the end by the aggravation of the problem كشف تسربات المياة

Methods for detecting damage to water leaks
There are several different ways through which water leakage can be detected, as this may appear clearly on walls, ceilings and floors through direct leakage, or some dark spots appear on the walls from outside the house, especially when installing a water connection network inside the concrete structure in the house, which makes it difficult to determine The location of the leak, but is inferred from those stains with high humidity.

Of course, the high electricity bill is the first factor in observing water leak detection methods to treat the problem of water leakage, as you can close the water valve in the kitchen at the beginning, then the toilet, then the tank and the house completely in order to find out precisely the cause of the leak and its location with precision.

In the event that it is difficult to know this, then some experts and specialists in this field are used, as there are major companies specialized in house maintenance and accurate detection of water leaks through modern and sophisticated devices that work with remote sensing, which measure the intensity of vibrations or water pressure and know the causes of water leakage from The ceiling stops opening the taps and when closing them, and thus the location of the leak is known precisely, instead of cracking the entire walls or changing the water network in general.

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رش مادة سائل البرافين
ومن طرق العزل المائي للأسطح وكشف تسربات المياه استخدام ما يُعرف بسائل البرافين.
وبعد استخدامه يتم رشه جيدًا في كافة أنحاء السطح الأمر الذي يمنع تسرب المياه.
و يتم أيضا إستخدام ما يسمى بمادة البولسترين و مادة الفلين حيث تستخدم ألواح البولسترين في عزل المياه وأيضا عزل الصوت. اقرء ايضا افضل شركة كشف تسربات المياه
العزل الحراري
هناك أكثر من مادة تستخدم في العزل الحراري وعلاج الاسطح ومنها الصوف الصخري.
ولكن في هذه الطريقة يتم استخدامه على هيئة ألواح يتم إلصاقها بالسطح أو عن طريق بلاط خصيصا للسطح.
هذا النوع تُحديدًا يُعرف باسم “المزايكو” حيث يوضع نسبة من الصوف الصخري فيه.
والهدف من العزل الحراري بعد كشف تسربات المياه عكس الحرارة بعيدًا عن السطح ومن ثم عدم تفاعلها مع المياه بشكل سلبي.
كشف تسربات المياه لمواسير السطح امر مهم
ونهتم في شركة وحدة المشاريع العربية لخدمات طرق منع تسرب المياه في الكثير من الأماكن ببعض العوامل التي نستعرضها معكم خلال الأسطر القليلة الآتية:
نحافظ كليًا على نظافة السطح تمامًا بعد الكشف حتى لا تتكرر الأزمة مرة أخرى.
نقوم بكنس الأتربة ونُقدم لكم الكثير من النصائح والعادات التي يجب أن تواظبوا عليها جيدًا حتى لا يتكرر تسرب المياه من جديد.اقرء ايضا شركة عزل الاسطح بالرياض
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